What's with the Distraction?

Think About Things Differently

Why are we so distracted, so consumed, about stuff that doesn't even matter? Who starred in that one movie? What kind of new iPhone is coming out?

What I'm trying to figure out is why does it matter? I'm disheartened to see so many people around me strive to have more followers than keep their word to people who have helped them in their times of desperation. I'm saddened to see people creating propaganda to more effectively divide us as people. I'm exhausted seeing first hand that to work in this industry it often seems to be more how hard you hustle, not how hard you work. There's so much negativity, competition and bad vibes thrown around everyday, it's suffocating, it's everywhere you turn.

Through all of this, I'm attempting something. I've lived my whole life doing for others and that'll never stop, but I'm starting to think differently about it all now. If I'm drowning, what good am I trying to save anyone? If I'm starving, what good am I to help feed others? You must be strong to be useful; I think that's what I'm realizing we are missing so much in this world. Usefulness. A purpose. You might have a passion, you might have dreams, and that's so necessary. But do you have a purpose? Do your dreams and goals serve others? Or are they chambered around Instagram followers and likes?

It's taken a lot of sitting back, thinking, praying, and shedding tears to figure out within myself what it means to be useful, and to realize that it's what I feel this world is missing. We've become so selfish, so worried about our own shallow feelings, so misguided by biased one sided information. I feel we need to start as a people, thinking differently, and becoming more useful. Being strong in our minds, our bodies, our hearts. Being able to keep a cool head on a regular basis. In LA traffic, in an argument with a loved one, in an emergency.

Be a light. Be a rock. Be the person that you'd want to have to look up to. Be solid, but be gentle. Be understanding, but have a threshold. Be competitive, but choose your battles. Be the strong bodied, strong minded, resilient, intelligent, big hearted warrior you are. A new year is upon us. Go make a change.

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