Becoming a Self Trained Video Editor

CC Weske Interview

Had the honor and the opportunity to answer some questions and be featured in LACS Life's article on becoming a Self Trained Video Editor. I'm so grateful to have been given an opportunity to share some of my unseen journey to becoming a successful editor and freelance artist. I'm truly honored and I love how this turned out! Long hours, free work, frustration, not enough time, and so many other factors are the unseen and unsung song of freelance and self taught professions. Nothing is impossible, nothing is too far from your grasp. No school or education or teachers can give you the determination and the self discipline needed to become successful in this world, it all comes from within. Figure out what you want, dream about it, eat it, live it, breathe it, be it, do it, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are enough. You are bright. You are capable. You are driven. You are everything you need to start on a path towards your dreams right now. Go get it.

#artist #freelancing #dowhatyoulove #overcome #creativity #inspiration #motivational #photographer

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