What I Fear Most

There’s not a lot that I “fear”. I’m fine with spiders, I’m cool with sharks, I love snakes (super terrified of bears, that’s another story) but there is one thing that growing up and getting older, I realize is a fear, and it’s a fear that I see transforming into existence. I realize that I am absolutely terrified of getting “older”, and I don’t mean older in the sense of age, but in the sense of adventure. My whole life has been a mixture of exploration, getting dirty, falling down and getting back up, but I have come to realize the older I get, the more responsibility I call my own, the more I say “no” to the things I used to say “let’s do it” to. Being afraid to fall down or fail used to rarely be a thing that would stop me from doing what I wanted to do. Now, there is a voice in my head that tries fervently to be heard more and more, tries to tell me to stop, “don’t do that”, “you could get hurt”, “be safe”, “think of your future”; that voice is my great fear, my great barrier, the thing that keeps me at “good” and stops me from achieving “great”. I’ve been challenging myself recently to do the things that the voice in my head second guesses, that tries to talk me onto safer ground. This challenge with myself has become a breath of fresh air that I have been so desperately searching for. Who knew that saying “screw it, I have faith” would be so powerful? So today, I challenge you to do something that may be scary, that may come with fear, that may come with discomfort; jump into the ocean, climb something insanely tall, speak to a stranger, you will not die, I promise. Feel your heart race, feel your adrenaline rush, feel your blood pulse, feel alive, be alive. Realizing my fear has connected the dots into re finding what makes me “me”. Go be wild, go be you.

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