What a Man Looks Like

What I once thought a man is supposed to be is far different from what I believe now. As human beings, we're looking for that 1 in 7 billion, but are so lost looking for something we may not even recognize if we saw it. This world likes to put titles on things, create expectations that are unattainable, and keep us slaves by feeding us lies that we so easily accept. I always thought a man was supposed to be tough, aggressive, unrelenting, strong, the list goes on. I thought that It's normal to be in a relationship being worried of getting cheated on, that I would be the second in command as a wife or as a woman in a relationship, that my opinions and thoughts would be secondary, and a whole bunch of other junk that people accept in their relationships and say "that's just how it is". But my eyes were opened to how incorrect, backwards, and twisted what people perceive and believe is "manly." I am blessed to know a man that embodies humility, gentleness, compassion, kindness, steadfastness, loyalty, respect, faithfulness, and love. Being gentle doesn't make a man weak, it makes him strong. Being faithful doesn't make a man less of a man, it makes him more disciplined and focused than most. Being compassionate and humble doesn't make a man less masculine, it strips down his exterior, leaving himself vulnerable and open to injury. To be the calm in a storm, a lighthouse and beacon for goodness and justness to manifest, to be unashamed of vulnerability and openness, that is what I now see as "Man". It's a standard that I now hold for the men in my life, and for myself as well; to be a woman who empowers those traits, a driving force to do good and crush evil. Together, we as men and women are unstoppable; let us find the energy together to step up and be the examples of the people we want to shepherd our earth, and our future generations to come.

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