CC Weske

It never ceases to amaze me how volatile human beings can be. The ups and downs don’t seem to slow or stop. I had forgotten how easy it is to smile and push away the emotions we don’t want to deal with, but those emotions and feelings that have been brushed under the rug for so long and not dealt with head on, seem to find a way to sneak up and cause a ruckus sooner or later.

What’s cool is that... it’s alright. It’s okay to fall down, it’s okay to get lost, it’s okay to wander without direction; it’s in those times where we are able to discover things about ourselves that we wouldn’t have been able to if we hadn’t lost our way or tripped over our own feet. Then the choice arrives, wether to continue to wander aimlessly forever, or climb to that mountain top and figure out a way out of the valley. What do you do? •

There have been many hills and valleys in my life, as there have been for us all. I’m not ashamed that I stumble and wander far more regularly than I can keep track of, though every time I do, I learn something new about the world or about myself that I hadn’t known before. •

We must leave the expectations behind, they don’t serve us anyways. Things will get messy, nothing will ever be perfect, we won’t always get it right. But the thrill of discovery drives me, to discover new valleys that have something to teach me, and new mountains that I am forced to climb to see the purpose and meaning behind the struggle. Things don’t have to be happy or good or safe to be beautiful, what makes those things beautiful is our perspectives.

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