2 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Shoutout to my husband of officially two years today. It’s insane to think about all that we’ve experienced, all that we’ve done, all that we’ve accomplished, and all that we’ve been through. It hasn’t been two years for the faint of heart or the weak minded that’s for sure. We've accomplished so much: bought a home, started a business/corporation, made money, worked hard, lost money, worked harder, loved, cried, laughed, explored, adventured, and the list goes on. Creating memories with that one person has always been what my heart has dreamt about; not ever having to feel worried about fidelity or faithfulness, we have been able to focus on what's truly most important, each other and our futures. I’ve never been more fulfilled and pressed to the brim with hope and excitement for the future. I have to sometimes take a second look at him to remember that he is a separate entity, an actual other human, so much of the time I forget that, we’ve just become so close, I feel like when I’m with him I’m just alone with myself. There’s nothing too big, nothing too overwhelming, nothing too menacing that we can’t get past together. I love where we have gone and where we have been, but I cannot wait to see where God leads us into our futures. A life full of excitement, wonder, love, and joy, and I don’t want to be by anyone else’s side except yours Joshie. I thank God everyday for what he has made happen in my life, and even more so, that he brought me this man to share my life with. Being a wife has been much more responsibility, hard work, endurance, and patience than I could have ever imagined, but with all of it comes a satisfaction and deep love that I didn't know was possible. For all of the experiences, the emotions, the feelings, the lessons, I couldn't be more grateful. Slowly, yet everyday, I become more and more the woman who I want to be, and who I am proud of; that is the ultimate prize. Happy Anniversary my love, here’s to you my sweet heart, and all the many years to come.

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